This paragraph aims to deepen the knowledge on the minerals that are of extra importance in human nutrition (see Chapter 2). Each section provides fundamental knowledge on the selected elements (Ca, K, Fe, Zn, Se, I) and at the end of each section indications and numbers of plant content/concentration or practical fertilizer application aims are provided.

Figure 5.4 shows a Mulder’s chart that gives an appreciation of the complexity and interactions between all the nutrients.

Figure 5.4: Mulder’s chart shows some of the interactions between plant nutrients. Interaction: A decrease in availability to the plant of a nutrient by the action of another nutrient (see direction of arrow). Stimulation: An increase in the need for a nutrient by the plant because of the increase in the level of another nutrient (dotted line). (Copied from: Bariya et al. 2014)


Bariya H, Bagtharia S, Patel A. 2014. Boron: A Promising Nutrient for Increasing Growth and Yield of Plants In: Nutrient Use Efficiency in Plants.153–170. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-10635-9_6