What is Customized food?

It means that you as a consumer can compose your own food and directly influence the composition  process. Food is tailored to your personal needs and preferences, such as your own tea blend, muesli or salad. The equipment in factories is often geared to producing much of one type of product. With a 3D food printer, you can easily create something that is especially suitable for one person.


Why customized food?

You can make food personal in terms of taste, calories, composition, texture, dimensions and shape, and you can produce a product shortly before the time of consumption, so it is freshly produced. Consumers seek customization and are less sensitive to 'mass communication'. Ze willen voelen dat het assortiment voor hen is gecreëerd. They want to feel that the product has been created for them personally. This can be done through a personal approach and also services can be tailored to their specific needs.


What does it look like in practice and / or what are examples of companies?

Real personalized customized products are still in their infancy but some startups do offer 3D food printing or are able to print 3D water ice cream in any shape and color imaginable. You can also think of home-brewed unique beers and composing your own salad or muesli mix.


Who are the main initiators?

Startup entrepreneurs, but also trend shoppers and foodies, people who enjoy cooking and eating, and who also like to read and talk about nutrition.


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