Much is changing in the area of food: dietary habits, food production methods and how we can make the entire food supply chain more sustainable. These developments require everyone working in the food supply chain to think and act in a new way. For you, it means that you can learn from the development that businesses are going through. In addition, in the future, you will yourself be in the position to help companies to take steps to move towards the food transition.

To discover which developments a company wishes to make, it is important to find out in which direction the company wants to develop. You can call this its development goal. To achieve this development goal, the company will have to make an effort. It will not happen of its own accord; the company will have to take measures itself. In very many cases, it is also not immediately obvious which measures the company ought to take. To find this out, you have to carry out research. This process is shown in the figure below.

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