When it comes to future business development, entrepreneurs need to ask themselves “What do I want to work towards to ensure my company is future-proof? Based on this, what direction do I want to follow with respect to the 5 themes from the trend analysis of the food system until 2030?”

Table 1: Extremes in development choices

Themes for main trends in food until 2030

Development extremes options

Supply and demand

Supply orientedDemand oriented
CSRProfitSocial role
TechnologyHigh techNon technology-led
Regulations4 P's4 C's
 Product, power, profit, priceconsumer, cooperation, community, continuity

*The general literature about possible development scenarios refers to the 2 extremes of development options, 4Ps and 4Cs are mentioned

Most companies base their vision of the future on a mix of the 4Ps and 4Cs

Companies that tend partially or even completely towards 4C in their operational management are therefore opting to follow new paths in the food system. These are the companies that are shaping the food transition.

We are showcasing a few companies below where elements of the 4Cs are clearly visible in their company vison. Click on the image to take a look at their business vision and concepts.

There are now hundreds of initiatives in the Netherlands from companies that are working on food transition. You already came across examples of such companies in the chapter ‘Food transition: toward a more sustainable and healthier food system’, demonstrating a range of forms of innovation in the food world, all with the 4Cs as the underlying principle.

In that chapter, the various innovation forms of companies that, to varying degrees, base their vision on the 4Cs are divided into 8 themes. These 8 themes are therefore different forms of food transition for companies that have based their vision of the future either partially or entirely on the 4Cs.